Grant Making Programmes

Grants are made by the foundation with the approval of the board of directors.

Grant Making Programmes

The professional staff works closely with the grants committee, which is comprised of both board members and non-board members representing a broad spectrum. Grants are awarded twice a year for works that help transform the UK. The grants range from £500 - £10,000. Extraordinary projects may receive grants up to £50,000.

Applications are not accepted from the same organization in successive grant cycles.

We do not have areas of focus in grant making. We believe those on the front lines in the community best understand the particular needs and where grants will bear the greatest fruits. We look for situations where small amounts of funds will make significant impact. However, we are particularly interested in the following areas.

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Community Building

Community Building grants focus on strengthening communities by engaging residents and stakeholders in a process that builds leadership and capacity from within, while respecting and valuing the rich diversity represented in our geographic region. We support efforts to build social capital; a resource defined as the web of relationships and civic participation that improves our ability to address the challenges and opportunities we face as a community. We also recognize that building a community's capacity and leadership is a critical precursor to community involvement for those, who, because of language, culture or educational levels ­ have been excluded from participation.


Scotland’s residents are fortunate to live among abundant natural resources. Our work aims to preserve the Scotland’s biological treasures and increase environmental awareness in our communities. Scottish counties have developed amid rich, diverse ecosystems - including marine coast and fertile agricultural lands. Our environment grants seek to foster greater awareness of, access to, and stewardship of the natural treasures gracing the country. By supporting opportunities in environmental education and conservation for both children and adults, we seek to promote greater access to the variety of hills, open space and wild areas stretching from coast to coast, an overall appreciation for the natural environment and a sense of responsible stewardship for these natural treasures.

Strengthening Nonprofits

When healthy organizations have the support they need, new ideas and imaginative community solutions flourish. The foundation makes selected grants to strengthen nonprofits and promote a vibrant non-profit community. Grants in this area support the mission and infrastructure of the non-profit sector as a whole. We make selected grants to management support organizations that provide services to other nonprofits and build capacity within the field as a whole. Our goal is to help exemplary organizations continue to thrive within a healthy and stimulating non-profit sector.

Supporting Families

Strong families are the cornerstones of a strong community. The foundation is committed to helping families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency and the skills they need to prosper. Our funding is aimed at strengthening the human services safety net for low-income families and helping families of all kinds exercise their rights, fulfil their responsibilities and realize their full economic and social potential. We support non-profit organizations that help low-income and disadvantaged children and adults meet basic needs for food, clothing and emergency and permanent housing. The foundation also targets organizations addressing family violence, promoting expanded opportunities for persons with disabilities, and serving adults seeking to improve their economic prospects through literacy and employment development.

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